Divemaster PADI formation

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Follow the Divemaster PADI FORMATION

Be the leader who guides and motivate the others. Develop your knowledge and your capacity of supervision in scuba diving to become a model for the divers all around the world.

The PADI Divemaster course is the first level of the professional formation. By working with a PADI instructor, you will perfect your techniques, as doing a ludion without any effort, or anticipate and solve easily problems. The aim of this course is to develop your knowledge and capacities to manage and to supervise your scuba diving. And this, to become a model in all the fields for the divers.


You love scuba diving? You like to share it with others? Follow the Divemaster courses and transform your passion in a career. They are the leaders and have to motivate the others. As a Divemaster, you will dive a lot but you will also discover the joy to see other persons having pleasure to dive with you.


As a PADI Divemaster, you will guide the others while you supervise the scuba diving activities, as an assistant. Far away or in a local center, the adventure of a life is waiting for you. The PADI divemasters are scuba diving professional that take part of the most important organization of scuba diving: PADI.

The actives Divemasters are authorized to:

  Supervise pedagogical and non-pedagogical activities, by planning and organizing the dives.

  Assist an instructor during the formations, in a protected and natural site.

  Guide the student in the Open Water Diver course, during the exploration part in natural sites 2, 3 and 4, with the supervision of an instructor.

  Accompany the students Open Water Diver during swims at the surface to the beginning of the submersion and during a private exercise.

  Accompany students during the Adventure Dives and courses of specialty Diver, with the supervision of an instructor.

  Teach and certify be yourself Skin Divers PADI (includes the AquaMission PADI Seal Team and the Skin Diver Specialist).

  Manage the Discover Snorkeling PADI programs.

      If the participants have successfully completed the first Discover Scuba Diving dive with an Instructor, direct the following dives, under the supervision of an instructor, with a ratio of 2: 1.

  Manage the Discover Local Diving program.

  Lead the ReActivate program for the certificate divers.

  Manage the Exercises part of free dive in the Open Water Divers course during the dives 2, 3, 4 or 5 in a protected area.

  If you are qualified of the Discover Scuba Diving Leader, manage alone the Discover Scuba Diving in a pool or protected and natural site.

  Supervise certified Scuba Divers during an exploration dive.

  Once you obtain a Specialty Instructor qualification, you can manage it.

  Supervise specialty courses without any dives.

  The Digital Underwater Photographer specialty, with the supervision of a PADI Instructor.



The PADI Divemaster course will learn you to become a leader and to have the charge of scuba diving activities. During theoretical courses, exercise of aquatic competences, workshop and evaluation of practical application, you develop techniques to organize and manage multiple activities of scuba diving. Here are examples of workshops and subjects you will aboard:

  Role of a Divemaster PADI.

  Supervision of general activities of scuba diving and assistant during the formation.

  Security of the divers and managing the risks.

  Programs directed by a Divemaster and specialized activities.

  Commercialization of scuba diving and careers.

  Knowledge of the environment.

  Prepare and manage a dive.

  Map and manage a diving.

  Lead briefings.

  Organize a research project, object recovery and a deep dive.

  Lead a ReActivate program and a Skin Diver course.

      Being an assistant during the Discover Scuba Diving and lead Discover Local Diving programs.

During the Divemaster formation, we can propose the PADI Specialty of Deep diver and the Search and Recovery Diver, to help you to achieve all the conditions required and maximize your capacities.

To prepare you at the best, it is recommend to study by reading the Divemaster Manual and looking Divemaster Video, thanks to the Ultimate e-learning kit, composed by the 14 following elements:

  Role and characteristics of the Divemaster PADI

  PADI Divemaster manual

  Instructor PADI manual

  Divemaster Clue cards

  PADI Divemaster DVD

  Hologram authentication

  E-RDP table and notice

  Scuba diving Encyclopedia

  PADI Pro Logbook

  DSD Cue cards

  Divemaster bag

  Go Pro manual

  PADI diver sticker

      Finale application Divemaster

 Equipment :

As a professional of scuba diving, you have to get your own complete equipment, as a diving computer, a diving knife and at least 2 signalization systems.

During the practical application exercises, as underwater mapping and research and objects recovery, you will use a compass, floats, marking buoys, lifting parachutes and slates.




The PADI Rescue Divers (or N3 equivalent), minimum 18 years old can subscribe to this course. They also have to:

  Have an Emergency First Response (or equivalent) during the 24 last months.

  Have 40 dives before the beginning of the formation and 60 at the certification.

  IMPORTANT: medical certificate that allows you to practice scuba diving.


Note that the recognized qualifications delivered by others organizations of scuba diver formations can be accepted (please contact us).



The price includes the complete formation (minimum of 12 days) for 890 euros. 

The price doesn’t include:

  Divemaster Crew Pack: 276€

  E-learning pedagogical kit : 216€

  Cotisation: 121, 20€

  Equipement location : 150€


12 days, contact us to book your session!