Nitrox PADI formation




Nitrox PADI

1 technical scuba dive, the pedagogical e-learning kit and the certification PADI included.

Upgrade your security in scuba diving!  The Nitrox formation PADI, proposed by our center DUNE Marseille, is a passionate step to your diver formation. This course permits you to have new technics, increase your security thanks to the air full of oxygen. With the Nitrox, your organism will be less saturated with nitrogen during the dive, to stay longer in the water.

Less stops, quicker desaturation, less tiredness… The Nitrox has a remarkable efficiency. Quickly, you won’t dive without it!



This formation is designed to every diver who had completed a Level 1 in scuba diving. Several reasons exist to get engaged in this course on enriched air. You feel tired after a dive? Concerned about your security and want to minimize the risks of decompression sickness? The Nitrox certification is made for you!

  Minimum age : 14

  Minors need an authorization for a parent/tutor

  Medical certificate that allows you to dive

And no worries, the dive will still be the same: no change on your breeding. The difference exists after the dive: no more tiredness! Easy and fast, this course will be a real plus to assure your security.



First, you will dive to the same depth as usual; the difference is that you will breathe a mixture of air enriched with oxygen, up to 40%.

This course includes a theoretical part that you will practice in e-learning on the PADI platform, as well as an enriched air dive for a real application of this training.

During your learning to the use of a mix up to 40%, your guide will give you all the benefits of this practice, as: less saturation due to reduced partial of nitrogen pressure, less frequent steps, reduced fatigue, shorter surface intervals, etc.

You will learn to avoid the inconveniences of the Nitrox diving:  how to mitigate risks linked to hyperopia. Also, you will learn to establish your maximum depth due to the capacity of your Nitrox bottle.

Before the first immersion, you will learn how to respect the different steps to analyze your bottle.

Finally, the theoretical part of your formation will review the 3 main axes of Nitrox diving: advantages, inconveniences and regulation. You will tackle the 2 types of hyperopia, the Paul Bert and Lorrain Smith effects, and how to avoid them.

 The price of this course doesn’t include the equipment (15 euros for the complete equipment). The formation is available every day during all the year.