Open Water PADI formation

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6 technical dives, the equipment, the e-learning pedagogical kit, the PADI certification and the diving notebook ALL INCLUDED!


Discover scuba diving with the most famous

level all around our seas! The Open Water Diver has been created by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the biggest and most famous international organization of leisure scuba diving formation and also, by the Scuba Schools International.

The Open Water is a complete diploma formation that will permit to learn to dive while having fun. Thanks to the program, you will fill more assured in this subaquatic environment.

At the end of you formation, you will be able to dive at a depth of 20 meters with a guide and to emerge in pairs to a depth of 18 meters!                

Your certification, available for life, is recognized everywhere like in Egypt, Thailand or even Indonesia…



The Open Water is accessible to everyone who wants to begin scuba diving, thanks to a complete and playful formation; it will permit you to dive everywhere around the globe.

After the validation of the certificate, you have the possibility to dive in all the seas of the world, at a depth of 18 meters, in autonomy. 

Playful formation, the PADI formation is based on a positive and trustful reinforcement.

International formation, the PADI certification is a standard and will by the same everywhere (Marseille, Egypt, Maldives…). So if you have the habit to travel, don’t worry, your level is recognized all around the globe.


For the PADI Open Water diver and the junior open water diver you just have to know how to swim. During the formation you will only need to bring a swimsuit and a towel. Dune Marseille takes care about the rest!

  • Minimum age: 12 (for the junior Open Water)
  • Minors need an authorization from a parent/tutor
  • IMPORTANT: you need a medical certificate that allows you to practice scuba diving.
  • In the case that you already have a PADI/SSI formation, contact us to create a specialized program, thank you.


The price includes:

6 technical scuba dives, the location of the equipment, the e-learning pedagogical kit (mandatory), the PIC PADI and the diving notebook.

In case you already have the e-learning kit, please contact us for new price, thank you.



 The PADI Open Water Diver is a smart mix of the elements necessary to be fill comfortable and efficient in the water during a scuba diving. You will learn how to plan it, be aware and solve the problems.


What is in the formation?

 First, it will begin with exercises to know the basics technics, in a protected area far for the waves. After that, you will finally emerge in an exploration site to recreate the exercises in deeper water. Step by step you will learn all you need with a complete pedagogical support.


Before every dive, a briefing will be organized by our guides to give you all the useful information and advices. As learning the communication signs, the material and the equipment of your pairs in 5 steps.

In the water, your guide is showing you different exercises to know that you will have to reproduce: release and recovery of regulator, mask emptying, and buoyancy management thanks to the stabilization vest… Time after time, the difficulty will increase while you will go deeper to 10 meters and then 15 meters. At the end of training, assisting a team member who has run out of air, getting into the water in a straight jump or backward rocking, performing the ludion, will seem like a breeze.


Theoretical formation:

You will develop your theoretical knowledge by an e-learning kit. At the end of each module, you will find a MCQ. Any question? Your guide will be more than happy to answer it!



This module is proposed on 3 days and includes 6 dives:


For a module starting on Monday:

  • Monday, meeting at 1:30PM for a first dive (depth 6 meters) in pairs with an exclusive instructor.
  • Tuesday, meeting at 8:30AM for 2 dives (depth 6 and 12 meters) 
  • Wednesday, meeting at 8:30AM for 2 dives (depth 12 and 18 meters)
  • Thursday, meeting at 8:30PM for a evaluated dive (depth 18 meters).


For a module starting on Thursday:

  • Thursday, meeting at 1:30PM for a first dive (depth 6 meters) in pairs with an exclusive instructor.
  • Friday, meeting at 8:30AM for 2 dives (depth 6 and 12 meters) 
  • Saturday, meeting at 8:30AM for 2 dives (depth 12 and 18 meters)
  • Sunday, meeting at 8:30PM for a evaluated dive (depth 18 meters).

For the persons who already have a certification, you can contact us for special layout.

For every customized training, please contact us directly by mail for a specialized offer. (Subject to availability).