PADI Assistant Instructor

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Follow the padi assistant instructor (ai)

Are you ready to join the experimented professionals that teach the most popular formation program of divers? So, become a real professional by following the AI formation.


It permits to maximize the competences of a Divemaster.

The AI course brings a real pedagogy to teach the diving technics and the practical knowledge.

The success to the formation permits to obtain the necessary certification be be qualified for the Open Water Instructor program.


The candidates that achieved the course are authorized to lead some of PADI programs:

  Lead the knowledge development for every PADI courses, with the supervision of an instructor

  Present the technics of scuba diving in a protected area, with the supervision of an instructor.

  Manage the divers of the Peak Performance Buoyancy PADI specialty, with the supervision of an instructor.

  Teach alone the Project AWARE course.

  Teach alone the Coral Reef Conservation.

  Lead alone the Bubblemaker program.

  Lead alone the Discover Scuba Diving program (pool or protected area)

  Lead alone the AquaMissions of the Seal Team PADI program.

  Form the divers to a specialty course that doesn’t imply dives, after a proper formation.

  After a specialized formation, lead the Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty, under the supervision of a PADI Instructor.



The AI PADI course presents practical lessons on the sea and theoretical in classrooms. The subjects and workshops are the followings:

Theoretical presentations:

  Learning, teaching and system PADI.

  General standards.

  Aware the risks

  Diving marketing

  Begin diving

  Teach Specialty Diver PADI courses

  How to teach the Diving leisure Table


Participate to the components of the IDC:


  Presentation of the course

  Theoretical presentation

  Teach in a protected area

  Make at least 2 theoretical presentations in a protected area and obtain a minimal grade of 3.5 at one of it.

  Make at least 2 presentations in a protected area and obtain a minimal grade of 3.4 at one of it.

  Make a presentation integrated in a natural area (2 exercises) and obtain a minimal grade of 3.4 to each grade.

  Realize the 24 exercises of the evaluation and obtain at least 82 points, without any exercises under the grade of 3.

  Obtain at least 75% at the System, proceeds and standards PADI evaluation.

  Achieve the safety evaluation in a protected area.

To get prepare, it is recommend to have the pedagogical guide of the instructor, including these 20 elements:

  Cue cards Protected Open Water

  Cue cards Natural Open Water

  Cue cards Advanced

  Cue cards Rescue Diver

  Cue cards Divemaster

  Protected Open Water Tablet setting

  Natural Open Water Tablet setting

  Guide briefing tablet

  Open Water Diver exam

  Rescue Diver exam

  Divemaster exam

  Hologram authentication

  Knowledge Workbook

  Guide to Teaching

  Guide to teaching DVD

  DVD lesson guide Open Water

  DVD Business of Diving

  DVD specialty marketing

  Specialties acquisition form

  PADI backpack



 As a professional of scuba diving, you will need your own equipment, as a diving computer, a diving knife, and a minimum of 2 systems of signalization. During the practical application exercises, as underwater mapping and research/recovery of objects, you will also use a compass, floats, marking buoys, lifting parachutes and slates.




The PADI Divemaster divers (or N4 equivalent) that are at least aged of 18 can subscribe to this course. They also have to:

      Confirm 60 dives,(one night dive, deep dive and underwater orientation included).

  Being certified since less than 6 months.

  Followed the Emergency First Response courses in the last 24 months.

  If the candidate isn’t a PADI Divemaster, he needs to pass the Safety Evaluation and provide documents of all recognized qualifications, basic level, advanced, rescue and supervisory level certificate.

  Medical certificate that allows you to practice scuba diving.

Note that the recognized qualifications delivered by the other organizations of formation are accepted (please contact us for more detail).


The Price:

For a formation of 4 days, the price is 690 euros.

This price doesn’t include the following items:

      Pedagogical IDC Crew kit: 660 euros

      PADI certification: 90 euros

      Location of the equipment: 120 euros



For any other information, don’t hesitate to send an email at 



Passionate by education since 25 years, Marco taught scuba diving and first aid in various European countries and in Egypt.

Trained psychotherapist, Marco is persuaded that scuba diving has a positive effect on personal development.

Course director since 2005, he will you teach you all his knowledge with benevolence in French, or in Italian.


“Guiding you in the development in your new career will be for me a real pleasure and a great adventure of life.”