Scuba diver PADI formation

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Pass your first level of PADI scuba diving: the Scuba Diver

 4 technical dives, the equipment, the pedagogical e-learning kit, the PADI certification and the diving notebook ALL INCLUDED!!

 Your first scuba diving certification!

 You don’t have much of time and you want to discover scuba diving while have fun?

 If you don’t to do again and again first dives, we recommend you to follow the PADI formation: the Scuba Diver. 4 scuba dives are enough to have the technical basics of scuba diving. At any moment, you will be secured by one of our professional guide. Now, take the time to observe the colorful fishes, the magnificent seabeds and the diversity of the underwater wildlife. The most important? This certification will be guaranteed for life and absolutely everywhere! Mediterranean, Red Sea, Indian Ocean… It’s the moment for you to explore the globe in an easy and unique way!



 The Scuba Diver PADI level is accessible to everyone! The only thing you need to know is to swim. Don’t worry, no need to know technical information before the beginning of your formation. Our DUNE Marseille guides will teach all you need to know on security, material…

 This course is destined to all the beginners that are motivated to discover and explore a new world with a limited period of time.


 Emerge to a depth of 12 meters!

The Scuba Diver is a certification that permits to everyone who has it to dive all around the globe with the assurance of a guide (maximum depth: 12 meters). The Scuba Diver presents half of the prerequisites to pass to the next level: the Open Water Diver. If you decide to follow this formation, your experience will be credited.


          Minimum age: 12

          Minors need an authorization from a parent/tutor

          IMPORTANT: medical certificate that allows you to practice scuba diving


 First of all, you will get familiar to the material. A high quality wetsuit to stay warm, palms and masks… Your guide will show you how manage it (how to fix the bottle, look after the level of the oxygen…). Don’t worry, before your first immersion, your guide gives you a complete briefing.

 Finally, you will get into the water! In a protected site, you will learn the first exercises to get familiar with this new environment, with the present of your guide.

 Breeding underwater, communicate with the signs; identify the different elements of your material… Quickly, you will be more and more comfortable.  Also, your guide will show how to control your regulator, to clean the mask, to move underwater and to control your buoyancy…

 Gradually, you will explore more and more this new and natural environment. With your learning, you will follow your guide for a discovery of the seabed, surrounded by beautiful reliefs and majestic gorgonians. In this beautiful environment, you’ll do a few more exercises, and then it’s time to go back up, until the next dive…

The Scuba Diver course includes a theoretical component, which you will discover in a manual, in self-learning. At the end of each chapter, a multiple choice questionnaire will allow you to test your knowledge. In case of difficulty, don’t hesitate to ask your guide.

 The price includes:

 4 technical and exploration dives, the equipment, the pedagogical e-learning kit (100 euros), the PADI certification and the diving notebook.

 Note that the kit is mandatory, if you already have it please contact us for an adapted price, thank you.


 This course is proposed on 3 days every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or every Thursday, Friday and Saturday between April and September.


For every adapted formation, thank you to contact us directly on our email for a special offer (Subject to availability).