Scuba Review formation

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You didn’t dive since several months, even years and you fill that you need a small training?  Before an exploration dive you could need a small refresh with a scuba review!

This program is destined to certificated divers (FFESSM, PADI, ANMP, SSI…) that need a small refresh to fill totally comfortable in the water. With some practical exercises you will quickly find back your autonomy.


During the rehabilitation program, you will look back to every important point you learned before. And no stress! It’s just a revision of the scuba diving environment: mask emptying, assistance to your teammate, balancing and cohesion of the dive. And it you have any further question; don’t hesitate to ask your guide!


During your ballad, you will explore the beautiful underwater wildlife and rediscover the sensations of a scuba diving session. In Marseille, the reliefs are fabulous, and the fishes are numerous and colorful.


Back to the surface, you can go back to what you learned. What to do in the event of an air failure, prerogatives and regulations, signs and symptoms of the various incidents that occur during the immersion, are all fascinating subjects that you will probably enjoy going through again …


This rehabilitation program scuba review is addressed to every certificate diver. Everyone who estimates that they need a small refresh and that haven’t dive since 6 months, can join this course! And if you only dive one or twice during vacation, it is a good way to quickly get the basics back. After that, you will be totally ready to explore the seabed of the Calanques National Park!

–   Minimum age: 10

–   Minors need an authorization for a parent/tutor

–   Medical certificate that allows you to practice scuba diving.


The price doesn’t include the location of the equipment (15 euros for the complete equipment).

This scuba review is available every day of the year.